If you spend lots of time online, you should be thinking how to get rewarded for your time on the Internet. If you are looking to make or earn something online, then here are some of the best and the easiest programs Malaysians are using to get rewarded.


This is one of the more popular and more established program in Malaysia to date.

What Do You Have to Do? You choose and share Specials your friends or your followers are interested in. A ‘Special’ is basically a unique URL or link of the advertiser. The specials can be from many interest categories including Fun & Entertainment, Movies, Lifestyle, News & Finance, Automobile, F&B, and Technology.

In order to get clicks, you have to be a little creative and use an interesting message or headline to go with the Special that you’re sharing. You can share on multiple platforms, be it on email, FB, Twitter, blogs and more.

How Do Your Earn Points? You earn RM0.20 for each unique visit (UV) you bring via your link.

How Do You Get Paid? You get cash paid into your bank account. You get cash out monthly when your minimum balance reaches RM50. However, there is a delay of a few weeks to process your payment.

Click here to signup with 8Share. It is free to join. You can also read our 8Share review for more info about this earn-money program.


This program is slightly different than the other programs mentioned in this article. It is not about sharing links, or ads from sponsors but you have to respond to the ads yourself.

What do You Have to Do? This program requires you to read ads, and respond to them. Once you have chosen an advertiser, you need to read the advertisement and then answer some quiz-like questions related to the ad.

How Do Your Earn Points? You will earn points for answering easy questions about the ads (usually 10-20 points for each question), and for visiting the sponsor or advertiser links (usually 10 points for each link).

You also can get 100 points for each friend you refer to the program.

So how much can you get from this program. It is less straight forward as compared to the other programs we have reviewed in this article.

How Do You Get Paid and How Much? You can redeem different kinds of gifts including prepaid top-up credits from uMobile, Digi, Yes, Hotlink, Xpax and more, and shopping vouchers from Tesco, Aeon/Jusco etc.

So how much do you get paid? You will receive 20 credits on average, for each ad you respond to. A Popular Bookstore gift voucher of RM10 requires 2500 credits. Therefore, you need to respond to around 125 ads to get an RM10 shopping voucher. So for each advertisement you respond to, you can get about RM0.10.

Please note that this is just an estimation because the value for the gifts and vouchers may vary. For example, Garden of Eden RM10 Online Cash Voucher can be redeemed with only 99 credits, which is equivalent to you reading and responding to only 5 ads. For more info, read our WhoHaa review.

Click here to check out WhoHaa program. It is free to join.


They reward you with a RM2 voucher for every new customer you’ve convinced to sign up.

What Do You Have to Do? You need to invite your friend to join Groupon Malaysia. You can invite friends and family using email, post on your Facebook status or tweet via your Twitter account.

How Do Your Earn Points? If your recommendations are successful you’ll be credited by RM2 for each friend who joined.

How Do You Get Paid? You can use this voucher credits with your next Groupon purchase which includes a variety of products are services including interesting goods, getaways & holidays, tickets & events, food, fitness, beauty and more.

For example, a popular holiday deal is the admission to the Bayou Lagoon Water Theme Park, which is only RM10 instead of RM15 at the counter.

You can use your credit on any deal with Groupon.my, and you redeem it on the payment page. If your credit is worth more than the cost of the deal because you have been recommending lots of friends, then whatever is left over can be redeemed on your next deal, unless it has expired. So be sure to tick the box to use your credit when you checkout.

However, your credit is valid for a whole six months and you cannot redeem the credits for cash. Keep this in mind!

Start earning with Groupon.my. It is free to join.


This is a relatively new comer to the click-and-earn scenario in Malaysia.

How Do Your Earn Points? You get 1 point (PP) for each unique visit (UV) you bring via your link. 1 PP is equivalent to RM0.05, which means you earn RM0.05 for each unique visit (UV) you bring via your link.

How Do You Get Paid? You can choose to redeem cash or gifts using your points. To be eligible for cash out, you need a minimum of 1,000PP (worth RM50).

Open an account with MyGravyTrain. It is free to join.

Which Program to Sign Up For?

Since each program will have different potential advertisers and different links to share, it is worth to open different accounts and check each of them out. One will better suit your niche and interest as compared to the others but you will never know until you are signed up. You do not need to pay anything to join their program.

Although these programs can give your extra pocket money, they will not make you millionaires. Usually you need to join affiliate programs to make lots of money on the Internet. There are many international programs that reward you for sharing online. If you are an expert in some specific niches, you may want to look at these programs such as Commission Junction, ShareaSale, Clickbank and much more (if you are want to learn more about making money via affiliate programs, comment in the box below to show your interest).

A word of caution: whatever you do, be wary if a program or even a contest that asks you to pay a fee to join. There are many scams out there. All the good programs we have tried, local or international, never requires you to pay any kind of membership or even training fee.

Do you know any other good quality reward programs available to Malaysians? Share with us below.