So you have heard about WhoHaa from somewhere and thinking to join.

You are not sure if this company is legitimate or maybe like many, you thought this program is only out to scam people or collect personal information.

So we put WhoHaa through our scam test.

Terms and Conditions The terms of use is clearly written and linked from every page of their website
Contact Info They provide landline number, valid address and email on their own domain (not those free email address like Yahoo of Gmail).
Fee It is free to join this program. At least you will not lose any money if you join.
Website Website copywriting has no typos. Design looks very professional and legit.

Next, we want to be sure that they do pay up or send the redemption we requested. we started to collect credits by viewing the ads and also referring new friends.

Our WhoHaa Redemption

When we had enough credits, we went to redeem a Tesco shopping voucher.

  1. The Wait
    WhoHaa Redemption Status is Pending
    The status of our redemption: Pending…..
  2. The Shipment
    WhoHaa Voucher Shipped
    4 days later – it was being shipped! Hurray! Via Poslaju too, even for a mere RM20 voucher.
  3. The Joy
    Deliver of WhoHaa Gift Redemption
    “It is here!”
  4. The Prize
    The prize/redemption from WhoHaa
    The prize from WhoHaa. Thank you WhoHaa for such fast service beyond compare. We have redeemed from other reward programs in Malaysia and this is the fastest service so far. Kudos to WhoHaa team.

How You Too Can Claim Free Gifts Just by Viewing Ads

Here is how you too can start collecting credits and redeem shopping vouchers and gifts our your choice.
STEP 1: Join this easy reward program
STEP 2: Collect credits. View some ads of your interest in your spare time or get friends to join too

Respond to an ad 10-20 credits
Refer a friend 100 credits

STEP 3: Use the earned credits to claim free gifts
A Popular Bookstore gift voucher of RM10 requires 2500 credits. Therefore, you need to respond to around 125 ads to get an RM10 shopping voucher. So for each advertisement you respond to, you get about RM0.10 (just an estimation because the value for the gifts and vouchers may vary. For example, Garden of Eden RM10 Online Cash Voucher can be redeemed with only 99 credits, which is equivalent to you responding to only 5 ads).

It is that easy.

Many sponsors are willing to reward you with points for your effort.

Join WhoHaa and get free gifs

What is WhoHAA is all about rewarding you when you spare some time to understand a Sponsored Message. Their sponsors are willing to reward you with points for your effort.
redeem free gifts

How Do You Receive Points and Redeem Your Products?

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Visit WhoHaa, view ads and redeem your free gifts

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