Great contest prizes to be won:

  • Grand Prize x 4: Chevrolet Sonic each
  • First Prize x 2: Sony PS3 each
  • Second Prize x 4: Nintendo Wii each
  • Third Prize x 4: iPod Shuffle each
  • Fourth Prize x 4: Nike Vouchers worth RM100 each
  • Fifth Prize x 300: Beyonce CD each
  • Sixth Prize x 800: Beyonce T-Shirt each

revive contest

Facebook Bonus Round

  • To participate in the Facebook Bonus Round, Contest Participant must first “LIKE” Revive’s Facebook Page, and then authorize the application to logon to the site (see the link below), with IC number and the last 4-digit of the submitted phone number in the contest entry.
  • Once successfully logon, Participant will find the total Bonus Token on that particular week that each have to play the Facebook Bonus Round. Each round required 1 Bonus Token.
  • Bonus Token determine by the valid/ qualified entries received via P.O. Box with the proof of purchase [“500ml/ 1.5L Revive Isotonic and/ or Pepsi bottle labels”] and mandatory data fields.
    Note: Bonus Token on will be deferral since the data will only be update once a week on every Wednesday during the contest period.

    Winner Selection
    Grand Prize (x4) winners will be selected via 2 winner selection methods:

    1. Two winners will be selected based on the top 2 participants with the highest number of contest points received during the contest period
    2. Two winners will be determined by computer random draw at the end of the contest period.

    Other prizes (First Prize x 2, Second Prize x 4, Third Prize x 4, Fourth Prize x 4, Fifth Prize x 300 and Sixth Prize x 800) winners will be determined by computer random draw at the end of the contest period.

    Contest Period:
    Entry Submition: 15 April 2014 – 15 July 2014 (13 weeks)
    Facebook Bonus Round: 22 April 2014 – 7 September 2014 (20 weeks)

    Contest site: